Research notes

This blog contains exploratory reports that I regularly make in my research. They are only made available for whoever wants to check and investigate the details of my analysis. For more constructed (but still detailed) reports, see my research reports.


Emapse is a framework allowing the estimation of a random variable that results from several additions and maximum performed on a set of random variables.

Simulation code and project.

Modeling storage systems

Experiments and analysis:

Biblio and bibtex.

Scheduling on desktop grids with uncertain availabilities


Simulation code.

Reducing distributing elements with an associative operation

Experiments and analysis:

Cost matrix generation

Experiments and analysis:

Simulation code and here.

Reproducibility of MPI_Reduce

MVAPICH2 versions

The official website does not keep the previous versions of MVAPICH2. Here are some of them that were retrieved using RPM archives.


Stochastic optimization in cloud context